Ares municipality, is situated North of A Coruña province, in the also named “ Ares estuary”,  forming with Mugardos municipality a peninsula.It limits to the North with Mugardos municipality, Fene at the East and the Atlantic Ocean at West and South. Spread over an area of 18 square km, its population is divided in three parishes: San Vicente de Caamouco, San Pedro de Cervás and San José de Ares, where is established the municipal capitol. The municipality is one of the smaller of A Coruña province, with a population of 5000 people. In the beginning Ares was a fishing harbour with an strategic situation. Most of the houses still have that sea people aspect, today is an eminently tourist town. In summer the population triples. It is a quiet town with numerous beaches, monuments, picturesque streets, typical houses and a beautiful promenade.

Its main festival, in addition to traditional summer and San José, are unquestionably, Easter and Corpus Christi. Weeks before the first weekend after Corpus, people collect flowers from houses and gardens all over the countryside to prepare the carpets. After that, the designs are chosen. On Saturday night, the streets are closed to traffic and flowers, coloured sands and bush leaves are laid over the design to colour it. After Sunday afternoon Mass at Ares Church the processional parade will walk on the floral work.

Chanteiro Vow is another important religious festival. In this festivity the vow to the Virgin is renewed, It is a thanksgiving of Ferrol citizens for Mary's intercession for been free of a cholera plague. On Easter Monday 1404 the neighbours went to pray to the Virgin. With the long candles they were carrying they measured the perimeter of the church. They offered an annual contribution of six pounds of candles to the Virgin if they were free from the illness.

Ares, as a village oriented to the sea, offers excellent seafood dishes all of them elaborated from first quality products that can be tasted in bars, taverns and restaurants. After satisfy our appetite, let us have a good walk. Our Routes section recommends those who will please our eyes with Aresan estuary and country landscapes, in the same way our dishes have pleased your palates before. Ares also has an excellent marina


There are also many monuments in the town include the Monastery of Santa Catalina, located in the parish of Cervás. Its construction dates from the late XIV century and today is owned by the municipality. There are too other monuments and churches such as the Ciscada Bridge, some forts in different parishes, the Church of Santa Olalla de Lubre, dated at the end of the XV century, several crosses and the traditional Redes´ port.


Photo: Concello de Ares


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