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video:  from galicia to the world (Costa ártabra)

We are Jota and María and we welcome you to our website which we hope you will enjoy participating in. Your comments can be very useful. Our story begins in 2005 when we acquired “Blondy”, our first golden retriever.  Kiko Muiños (Affix: Meiga Tola ) is her breeder and she came home that summer. She is responsible for our love of golden retrievers.

We slowly started to appear in shows in 2007 and that year “Kiss” arrived, our second golden retriever from the kennel Terra Kéltica.  Soon after, Kiss and Blondy debuted in their first show with excellent results, which encouraged us to continue. Today we attend an average of fifteen exhibitions each year.

In February 2008, we started breeding and decided to mate “Blondy” with “Ch Charola Version Especial”. That was going to be our first litter so we looked for a stud dog who would meet our expectations. "Ver", an excellent, even-tempered stud dog, international champion and Spanish and Portuguese champion as well was our choice. As a result our first puppies were born, “Queen Mary” and “Princess Helen” of Costa Ártabra.

We continued going to shows, natural aptitude tests, golden retriever meetings in Galicia, and on December 2008 we decided to buy a puppy from the kennel "Atrapasueños". So “Rachel” came home, a beautiful female on which we have placed our hopes.

On July 2009 our second Blondy’s litter was born. This time the stud dog was “Ch Charola Mississippi”, Ver´s brother and ten puppies were born. We have “Aquata”, co-owned with Héctor a friend of ours.

Our past is linked to Todogolden Forum, where we met many people whose help in many difficult times was much appreciated. We have also met a great number of people in many shows who we are very grateful to.

Our intention is to do things in the correct way, enjoying our dogs and the events we go to, as well as meeting good friends and, from time to time, having occasional litter. Our aim is to breed morphologically handsome dogs by making good crosses with dogs which have the best health and temperament. We put a lot of time to find out what kind of families are going to live with our dogs since we will not give our dogs to just any person who calls. We want our dogs to live with responsible families who love animals and do not leave them because of any problem. We ask a great deal of questions but this should not bother a person who wants to share his or her life for the next twelve or thirteen years with a golden retriever.

Our kennel is called "Costa Ártabra", in honor of this beautiful coast in the north-west of Spain, in La Coruña province. It encompasses the municipalities of Cariño, Cedeira, Ferrol, Narón, Valdoviño, Ortigueira, Ares and Mugardos

This coast was named by The Celtic people who lived here before the arrival of the Romans called Artabros. It consists of a generally low and rocky coastline, with many beaches and full of picturesque towns and villages. In the Ártabra estuary, close to Ares town, there are two small desert islands called "Illas Miranda", and it is traditionally believed that in the past these were inhabited by a mermaid for many years.


The Legend of the Mirandas Mermaid

“In Greek mythology, sirens or mermaids were conceived as fabulous beings with its down half of the body as a bird, and the high part as a winged woman. That is how Homer describes the ones who sing Ulysses during his journey from Troy to Ithaca.

But the mermaid who swam across Ares’ seas was very different from the Greek ones. As well as those who they say were seen all along Europe from the Middle Ages, ours was a marine mermaid. Up to the waist it was a woman, as beautiful and attractive as the princesses of fairy tales. From the waist to the ground it was a fish with a rosy tail full of silvery scales, similar to the colour of a giant red mullet.

It was a restless and talkative mermaid, who used to talk to seagulls and marine ravens, who answered her with their incomprehensible cries. Sometimes, she played among shoals of fish, or with the dolphins who visited the estuary. Then, she remained alone and pensive, and she sunbathed in Perbes or Centroña beaches, as well as in those of the west of Ares. However, she always had to dive into the sea when people came. She frequented the desert Mirandas Islands, although many fishermen came there also, in order to steal a bit of oil from the buoy and warm their meals with it. Why did she scare people? Couldn’t she just be a normal girl?

One day she was surprised in a beach by one of the most powerful gentlemen in Galicia, who fell completely in love with her. They were married secretly, and he took her home. As the time went by, the mermaid’s scales and tail skin fell down, so she could finally have children. The mermaid of Mirandas Islands would never feel alone again.”

(Legend taken from the book De lenda en lenda: camiños máxicos polo noroeste de Galicia, written by Esperanza Piñeiro de San Miguel and Andrés Blanco Gómez; illustrations by J.M. González Collado –in this book you can also find more legends related to Ares and its surroundings).


 Mirandas Islands Picture (Ares)